Thorough Inspection Services

Your home deserves a thorough inspection – trust HomeLogics to provide the best home inspection possible

Thorough and Comprehensive

Home Inspection Services

When it comes to home inspections, you have come to the right place. We are very proud of how thorough our home inspections are, and how easy to read and comprehensive our reports are.

When you hire us to perform your home inspection, you will be getting a thorough inspection from top to bottom. We inspect every square inch of your home possible, and leave you feeling confident.

We include your home’s structure, exteriors, interiors, mechanical systems, and much more.

Get more than “just” a home inspection – Contact us today!

What is Included on Our Home Inspections



We include your home’s exteriors, including siding, walks, driveways, garages, decks, porches, patios, & more.



We really focus in on the sub-areas of your home (where issues hide) like your basement, crawlspaces, & attics.



We fully inspect your home’s structure. Foundation, framing, beams, posts, bearing walls, & more.



Your HVAC system is very important, which is why we inspect your heating unit, AC unit, and their components.



We spend a good amount of time on your inspection at your electric panel and inspecting your home’s branch wiring.



We include all of your home’s plumbing on our inspections, including the water heater, draine lines, and supply lines.



We inspect every living area of your home. We test windows, outlets, and inspect floors, walls, & more.



We test all of your home’s plumbing fixtures and make sure there are no leaks or issues.


Other Items

There are many other items we inspect, such as insulation, stairs & handrails, moisture intrusion, & more

What Every Homebuyer in Scranton Should Know

If you are buying a home in the greater Scranton area, then there are some important things you should know.

This information is important in making a good home buying decision and avoiding a money pit.

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